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What’s the Olive Oil Quotation? 

The Olive Oil Quotation is the World's Leading E-Business Network for Olive Oil Professionals.
The aim of Olive Oil Quotation has always been to facilitate interaction and connectivity between olive oil professionals on the international market by helping olive oil producers and suppliers to develop their export markets, and olive oil buyers, wholesalers and importers to source efficiently and effectively.
We provide cutting-edge technology and tools that enable our members worldwide to post offers and requests and to communicate in real time, 24/7.

The Olive Oil Quotation is the olive oil world's largest marketplace for olive oil trade and suppliers of online free marketing services for olive oil importers, exporters, suppliers, manufacturers, olive oil buyers, wholesaler and olive oil machines and equipments providers.

It is the place for olive oil buyers and sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their olive oil businesses online.

Olive Oil News and Events:

Olive Oil Quotation keeps olive oil trade professionals up to date on olive oil business by the daily publication of the olive industry news, events, fairs and developments in the international olive oil market in various countries producers and consumers

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Discover the international olive oil products, companies and news:
Browse and search by country, region, category, activity, appellation and more to find and have information about olive oil news and events, olive oil companies , olive oil careers, trade olives and olive oil machines and all trade of accessories for olives and olive oil professionals.
Olive Oil Quotation is an olive oil database and rather an online olive oil business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential olive oil business partners.
Exceptional olive oil, table olives, olive oil machines from around the globe are at your fingertips.
Connect with Thousands of olive oil Professionals Worldwide and Expand Your Business Opportunities!

Using Trade Opportunities?

The aim of the trade opportunities is to facilitate interaction and connectivity between olive oil professionals by helping to trade all products , machines and others tools used by olive oil industrials and professionals, olive farmers , suppliers and marketing to develop their activities and export markets …( table olives, olive trees , packaging machine, harvesting machines …)
You can add your enquiries, offers using your language or as language you think best for your aim users.

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It is free to buy and sell olive oil and accessories.
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Consult olive oil sellers or buyers and connect directly with olive oil producers, olive oil suppliers and other olive oil industry professionals around the world on the Web's best venue for promoting and selling olive oil.
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Olive oil News
15-04-2014: La exportación de aceituna de mesa a USA requerirá una certificación profesional (sorry only in spanish)
15-04-2014: Spain: La comercialización del aceite de oliva asciende ya a 815.700 toneladas (sorry only in spanish)
14-04-2014: international olive council Mario Solinas quality award
14-04-2014: España alcanza ya 1,74 MM de ton de producción de aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
14-04-2014: Spain: UPA-Andalucía reclama a la CVC un plan de estabilidad para Deoleo (sorry only in spanish)
11-04-2014: Spanish olive oil giant picks British firm
11-04-2014: Deoleo aprueba la entrada de CVC en su capital (sorry only in spanish)
11-04-2014: l’espagnol Deoleo choisit l’offre de rachat du fonds CVC (sorry only in french)
11-04-2014: Spain: Un jarro de agua fría para Dcoop (sorry only in spanish)
11-04-2014: Spain: Deoleo registra una caída de las ventas del 14,2% en el primer trimestre de 2014 (sorry only in spanish)
10-04-2014: IOC market newsletter March 2014
10-04-2014: El 49% de las importaciones de aceite de oliva en EE.UU son virgen extra (sorry only in spanish)
10-04-2014: Spanish olive oil firm Deoleo gets best takeover bid from CVC
10-04-2014: Renzi pide a España trato justo a firmas italianas interesadas en Deoleo (sorry only in spanish)
10-04-2014: Olive Oil Brands Encouraged to Connect With Consumers in Innovative Ways
10-04-2014: Spain: Asaja, COAG y UPA en Andalucía reclaman una apuesta "seria" por el sector del aceite de oliva en Deoleo (sorry only in spanish)
10-04-2014: Conference Offers Strategies for Olive Oil Importing, Distribution
10-04-2014: California Producer Sees ‘Green Shoots’ of Growth for Industry
10-04-2014: NYIOOC Conference Opens with Barjol, Ravetti
10-04-2014: Political heat rises over bid for Spanish olive oil giant
08-04-2014: CVC frontrunner in bidding for Spain's Deoleo olive oil firm
08-04-2014: Italy: Nasce Olitalyshop portale e-commerce di Unaprol per acquisti da smartphone e tablet (sorry only in italian)
08-04-2014: Spain: CVC Partners presenta la mejor oferta por Deoleo (sorry only in spanish)
08-04-2014: Italy: Olio extravergine d'oliva e invecchiamento, accordo tra Ada e geriatria del Policlinico (sorry only in italian)
07-04-2014: Spain could take stake in olive oil firm Deoleo
07-04-2014: Spain: Maíllo advierte de que la compra de Deoleo por capital extranjero supondría "una auténtica tragedia" para el sector (sorry only in spanish)
07-04-2014: Spain: Se ralentizan las compras de aceite de oliva en origen (sorry only in spanish)
07-04-2014: Spain: Las cooperativas defienden que Deoleo se mantenga con capital español (sorry only in spanish)
07-04-2014: Le Maroc promeut sa filière oléicole en Italie (sorry only in french)
07-04-2014: More production in Africa, less olive oil in the Middle Eas due climate change
07-04-2014: L’olio extravergine di oliva unisce Sicilia e Libano (sorry only in italian)
04-04-2014: Spain: Junta y Gobierno hacen un frente común para que Deoleo siga en Andalucía (sorry only in spanish)
04-04-2014: Foreign funds vie for Spanish olive oil firm Deoleo
04-04-2014: Spain: La venta de parte de Deoleo despierta recelo en el Gobierno Destacado (sorry only in spanish)
04-04-2014: Spain: González de Lara sobre Deoleo: "Hay que ejercer la acción de defender lo que es nuestro" y hacerlo "legítimamente" (sorry only in spanish)
03-04-2014: Spagna: settore olio contro sbarco italiano in gruppo Deoleo (sorry only in italian)
03-04-2014: All offers for Spanish olive oil maker Deoleo below market price
03-04-2014: Spain: Deoleo informa (sorry only in spanish)
03-04-2014: Spain: Miguel Arias Cañete: “El Gobierno español no quiere que Deoleo se trocee” (sorry only in spanish)
03-04-2014: Deoleo resterà saldamente in mano spagnola (sorry only in italian)
03-04-2014: Countdown to New York International Olive Oil Competition
03-04-2014: Spain: Asoliva y Anierac defienden una venta “transparente, libre y sin ayudas públicas” de Deoleo (sorry only in spanish)
03-04-2014: Californa: Growers approve olive oil commission
03-04-2014: Italy: il surriscaldamento globale minaccia la produzione di olio d’oliva in Italia (sorry only in italian)
03-04-2014: Falso olio extra vergine d’oliva dalla Bat inviato in Albania (sorry only in italian)
02-04-2014: Spain: Preguntas que buscan respuestas sobre el futuro de Deoleo (sorry only in spanish)
02-04-2014: Patent Applicant Claims Olive Polyphenols Help Blood Sugar Control
02-04-2014: Spain: El Gobierno defiende la españolidad de Deoleo pero quiere cambiar su gestión (sorry only in spanish)
01-04-2014: Olive Oil Estimate Cut by Oil World as Spain Gains Export Share
31-03-2014: Spain: Arias Cañete muy pendiente del futuro de Deoleo y del aceite de oliva español (sorry only in spanish)
31-03-2014: Worldwide Study of Olive Oil Growers’ Production Costs
31-03-2014: Expert Says Eradication of New Olive Tree Disease in Europe Unlikely
31-03-2014: A Brief History of Olive Oil in Colombia
31-03-2014: California Producers Approve State Olive Oil Commission
31-03-2014: Spain: El consumo de aceite de oliva virgen crece un 10,5 por ciento en un año (sorry only in spanish)
28-03-2014: Spain: Makro firma un acuerdo con QvExtra! para apoyar al aceite de oliva virgen extra (sorry only in spanish)
28-03-2014: Italia, a punto de hacerse con el control del aceite de oliva español (sorry only in spanish)
28-03-2014: The OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
27-03-2014: Morroco: L’huile d’olive marocaine à la conquête de l’Italie (sorry only in french)
27-03-2014: Spain: Encuentro Internacional del aceite de Oliva, con la participación de 100 almazaras (sorry only in spanish)
27-03-2014: Tunisia: Manifestation économique à l'occasion de la 1ère opération de mise en bouteille de l'huile d'olive à Teboursouk (sorry only in french)
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