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What’s the Olive Oil Quotation? 

The Olive Oil Quotation is the World's Leading E-Business Network for Olive Oil Professionals.
The aim of Olive Oil Quotation has always been to facilitate interaction and connectivity between olive oil professionals on the international market by helping olive oil producers and suppliers to develop their export markets, and olive oil buyers, wholesalers and importers to source efficiently and effectively.
We provide cutting-edge technology and tools that enable our members worldwide to post offers and requests and to communicate in real time, 24/7.

The Olive Oil Quotation is the olive oil world's largest marketplace for olive oil trade and suppliers of online free marketing services for olive oil importers, exporters, suppliers, manufacturers, olive oil buyers, wholesaler and olive oil machines and equipments providers.

It is the place for olive oil buyers and sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their olive oil businesses online.

Olive Oil News and Events:

Olive Oil Quotation keeps olive oil trade professionals up to date on olive oil business by the daily publication of the olive industry news, events, fairs and developments in the international olive oil market in various countries producers and consumers

World olive oil Catalogue:

Discover the international olive oil products, companies and news:
Browse and search by country, region, category, activity, appellation and more to find and have information about olive oil news and events, olive oil companies , olive oil careers, trade olives and olive oil machines and all trade of accessories for olives and olive oil professionals.
Olive Oil Quotation is an olive oil database and rather an online olive oil business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential olive oil business partners.
Exceptional olive oil, table olives, olive oil machines from around the globe are at your fingertips.
Connect with Thousands of olive oil Professionals Worldwide and Expand Your Business Opportunities!

Using Trade Opportunities?

The aim of the trade opportunities is to facilitate interaction and connectivity between olive oil professionals by helping to trade all products , machines and others tools used by olive oil industrials and professionals, olive farmers , suppliers and marketing to develop their activities and export markets …( table olives, olive trees , packaging machine, harvesting machines …)
You can add your enquiries, offers using your language or as language you think best for your aim users.

Using the Olive Oil Quotation? It’s free

It is free to buy and sell olive oil and accessories.
On Olive Oil Quotation With a free membership you can use our sourcing tools to:
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  • Send olive oil offers to buyers, and add your olive oil selling quotation to buyers
  • Add your company and activity profile.
  • Add your job request and CV and enjoy opportunities in the olive oil world.
  • Use the trade accessories to sell and buy all accessories products used by olive oil professionals and olive farmers …

All free of charge.

Consult olive oil sellers or buyers and connect directly with olive oil producers, olive oil suppliers and other olive oil industry professionals around the world on the Web's best venue for promoting and selling olive oil.
Your Olive Oil Quotation membership will allow you to benefit from direct connections with thousands olive oil professionals around the world.
Become a member and start benefiting from our unparalleled services, personalized support and the proven expertise and advice of our experienced account executives.

Thanks and best regards.
The Olive Oil Quotation Customer Care Team



Olive oil News
28-07-2015: European Commission Publishes Xylella Fastidiosa Factsheet
28-07-2015: Corsica Olive Trees Threatened as Killer Bacteria Hits Island
28-07-2015: Europe Increases Tunisia’s Export Quota
23-07-2015: France: « Xylella fastidiosa », la bactérie tueuse d’oliviers, est arrivée en Corse (sorry only in french)
23-07-2015: Spain: La campaña de promoción de Aceites de Oliva supera los 260 millones de impactos en 2 años (sorry only in spanish)
22-07-2015: As California Grapples with Water Shortage, Olive Oil Producers See an ‘Up Year’
21-07-2015: Olive Oil Polyphenols Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Plaque Formation
21-07-2015: EU decides to increase Tunisia annual olive oil export quota
21-07-2015: Tunisia: augmentation du quota d’exportation d’huile d’olive vers l’Europe (sorry only in french)
21-07-2015: Nadal Serves in Campaign for Spanish Olives
15-07-2015: Spain: Las salidas de aceite de oliva en junio rozaron las 100.000 toneladas (sorry only in spanish)
15-07-2015: Preoccupazione in Spagna per una produzione di olio di oliva sotto le attese (sorry only in italian)
14-07-2015: Spain: Cooperativas pide a la nueva Consejera métodos complementarios al ‘panel test’ (sorry only in spanish)
13-07-2015: Spain: Dcoop prevé que la cosecha de aceite en España rondará las 1.300.000 toneladas (sorry only in spanish)
10-07-2015: Tunisian Olive Oil Exports Reach Record High
10-07-2015: Spain: Una partida de 5 MM de kg de aceite provoca nuevas subidas de precios (sorry only in spanish)
10-07-2015: India Set to Market its Own Olive Oil
10-07-2015: Is the Greece crisis threatening the olive oil industry?
10-07-2015: Plan de Contingencia de la Xylella fastidiosa (sorry only in spanish)
10-07-2015: EU must reconsider eradication plan for olive disease outbreak
10-07-2015: Una molécula bioactiva en el alperujo provoca un residuo de la extracción del aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
09-07-2015: Spain: Peligra la caída de la aceituna en Jaén ante la falta de agua (sorry only in spanish)
09-07-2015: COI: Es necesario un equilibrio sostenible de los precios del aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
08-07-2015: La CE vuelve a limitar las importaciones de aceite de oliva de Túnez (sorry only in spanish)
08-07-2015: La World Olive Oil Exhibition prepara su quinta edición para marzo de 2016 (sorry only in spanish)
08-07-2015: Nuovo stop alle importazioni privilegiate di olio d'oliva tunisino (sorry only in italian)
08-07-2015: Workshop to Improve Olive Oil Tasting Skills
08-07-2015: Greece Crisis Paralyzing Country's Olive Oil Industry
08-07-2015: Tunisia: Des recettes record de 1,497 milliard de dinars issues des exportations de l'huile d'olive (sorry only in french)
08-07-2015: Greek olive farmers demand cash as bank fears grow
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