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Olive oil News
19-09-2014: California Approves Olive Oil Standards
19-09-2014: Nuovi standard di qualità per l'olio extra vergine d'oliva califoniano (sorry only in italian)
19-09-2014: California adopts new olive oil standards
18-09-2014: Italy: Prime decisioni del Comitato Fitosanitario nazionale su Xylella fastidiosa (sorry only in italian)
18-09-2014: Will California’s Drought Create an Olive Oil Boom?
17-09-2014: Texas Olive Oil Producers Beating the Odds
17-09-2014: Morroco: Meknès prépare ses journées méditerranéennes de l’olivier (sorry only in french)
17-09-2014: Spanish Olive Oil Center Conducts Open House
16-09-2014: Was there a time British people couldn't buy olive oil?
16-09-2014: Spain: UPA-Andalucía estima una producción de 710.318 toneladas de aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
15-09-2014: Morroco: Les journées méditerranéennes de l'olivier, du 21 au 23 octobre à Meknès (sorry only in french)
15-09-2014: Spain: UPA prevé un 59% menos de producción de aceite de oliva para esta campaña (sorry only in spanish)
11-09-2014: Sostituire l'olio d'oliva con quello di semi di lino? Inutile (sorry only in italian)
10-09-2014: U.S. Olive Oil Imports Bounce Back, Not So Much in China, Brazil
10-09-2014: China redujo sus importaciones de aceite de oliva un 6% en 2013 (sorry only in spanish)
10-09-2014: Spain: El olivar jienense augura una pésima cosecha (sorry only in spanish)
09-09-2014: Morocco, Argentina Seek to Increase Olive Production
08-09-2014: Univ. of Andalusia Seminar to Focus on Impact of Xylella fastidiosa
08-09-2014: Texas Producers Find New Oil Fields: Olive Groves
08-09-2014: Italy: Non sarà un'annata a cinque stelle per l'olio extra vergine d'oliva italiano (sorry only in italian)
08-09-2014: Italia e Pakistan insieme. Approfondimenti su una cultivar autoctona selvatica e promettente: l’Olea ferruginea Royle (sorry only in italian)
05-09-2014: Italy Unveils Plan to Battle Olive Tree Killer
05-09-2014: Tunisia Agrees to Ease Russia’s Reliance on European Oil
04-09-2014: Tunisia: Déjà l’accord pour un contrat de 25.000 tonnes d’huile d’olive pour la Russie (sorry only in french)
03-09-2014: California olive oil producers seek new rules to compete with imports
03-09-2014: L’huile d’olive espagnole dopée par la sécheresse (sorry only in french)
02-09-2014: Andalusia Boasts Record Olive Oil Exports Amidst Drought
02-09-2014: Despite Drought, Calif. Olive Growers Will See Good Return
02-09-2014: Rock Star Invites Tourists to Help With Olive Harvest
02-09-2014: La Tunisie prête à fournir la Russie en huile d'olive (sorry only in french)
02-09-2014: Tunisia: Décisions pour la réussite de la saison oléicole 2014-2015 (sorry only in french)
02-09-2014: Tunisia ready to replace European supplies to Russia, including olive oil
02-09-2014: Drought in Spain means massive olive oil shortage in months ahead
01-09-2014: Spain: Ha tocado techo el precio del aceite de oliva en origen? (sorry only in spanish)
01-09-2014: Italy: Bloccate oltre 30.000 bottiglie contraffatte di olio d’oliva. Erano in un container per il Canada (sorry only in italian)
01-09-2014: Conference in Spain’s Olive Oil Capital Celebrates Heath and Heritage
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