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Olive oil News
31-07-2015: Tensione in Spagna: crescono le importazioni, scambi di olio d'oliva iberico fermi (sorry only in italian)
30-07-2015: World Faces Olive Oil Shortage
30-07-2015: Spain: La caída de la producción obliga a España a importar casi 125.000 toneladas de aceite (sorry only in spanish)
28-07-2015: European Commission Publishes Xylella Fastidiosa Factsheet
28-07-2015: Corsica Olive Trees Threatened as Killer Bacteria Hits Island
28-07-2015: Europe Increases Tunisia’s Export Quota
23-07-2015: France: « Xylella fastidiosa », la bactérie tueuse d’oliviers, est arrivée en Corse (sorry only in french)
23-07-2015: Spain: La campaña de promoción de Aceites de Oliva supera los 260 millones de impactos en 2 años (sorry only in spanish)
22-07-2015: As California Grapples with Water Shortage, Olive Oil Producers See an ‘Up Year’
21-07-2015: Olive Oil Polyphenols Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Plaque Formation
21-07-2015: EU decides to increase Tunisia annual olive oil export quota
21-07-2015: Tunisia: augmentation du quota d’exportation d’huile d’olive vers l’Europe (sorry only in french)
21-07-2015: Nadal Serves in Campaign for Spanish Olives
15-07-2015: Spain: Las salidas de aceite de oliva en junio rozaron las 100.000 toneladas (sorry only in spanish)
15-07-2015: Preoccupazione in Spagna per una produzione di olio di oliva sotto le attese (sorry only in italian)
14-07-2015: Spain: Cooperativas pide a la nueva Consejera métodos complementarios al ‘panel test’ (sorry only in spanish)
13-07-2015: Spain: Dcoop prevé que la cosecha de aceite en España rondará las 1.300.000 toneladas (sorry only in spanish)
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