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Olive oil News
24-04-2015: Spain: Deoleo: Jaime Carbó dimite (sorry only in spanish)
24-04-2015: Italy: Assitol chiede un rafforzamento del Sian contro le frodi nel mondo dell'olio d'oliva (sorry only in italian)
22-04-2015: Italy: 2° Convegno Nazionale degli Olive Oil Experts (sorry only in italian)
22-04-2015: Tunisia: Un inventeur tunisien met au point un système d’irrigation très économe en eau pour l’oléiculture (sorry only in french)
21-04-2015: Huevos libres de colesterol gracias al aceite virgen extra (sorry only in spanish)
21-04-2015: Third NYIOOC Conference ‘Resounding Success’
21-04-2015: Italy: Xylella, Martelli contro l’Europa «In California è un flagello» (sorry only in italian)
21-04-2015: Strong Showing for Italy at NYIOOC
21-04-2015: Spain: Infaoliva calcula en unas 600.000 toneladas las existencias actuales de aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
21-04-2015: ‘Diffuser’ System Irrigates Tunisian Olive Trees from the Bottom Up
21-04-2015: Tunisia looks to tap into its history and push its olive oil front and center
21-04-2015: Spain: Ya se han vendido más de 600.000 toneladas de aceite de oliva esta temporada (sorry only in spanish)
21-04-2015: Spain Finishes at the Top Again in New York
21-04-2015: Tunisians look to boost olive oil production
21-04-2015: Spain: Se calientan los precios del aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
21-04-2015: Regolare il mercato dell'olio d'oliva attraverso i prezzi (sorry only in italian)
21-04-2015: Tunisia: Le «Prix de la meilleure huile d'olive conditionnée» décerné à trois entreprises tunisiennes (sorry only in french)
16-04-2015: New York International Olive Oil Competition Announces Best Olive Oils in the World
16-04-2015: Spain: "Solo vía precios se podrá regular el mercado del aceite de oliva" (sorry only in spanish)
16-04-2015: Making the EU’s olives greener…for the environment
16-04-2015: Tunisia: L’huile d’olive tunisienne conditionnée représente 15% du marché américain (sorry only in french)
16-04-2015: Fastidiosa, la bactérie «tueuse d’oliviers», identifiée en France (sorry only in french)
14-04-2015: Italian officials begin cutting down first olive trees hit by deadly bacteria in bid to stop spread of disease
14-04-2015: Tunisia: Huile d’olive: Les exportations ont rapporté 756 MD (sorry only in french)
10-04-2015: Italy: Diminuiscono le vendite di olio d'oliva a dicembre e gennaio (sorry only in italian)
10-04-2015: Tunisia: Une excellente saison pour l’huile d’olive tunisienne…et l’UE tente d’en résorber le flux. (sorry only in french)
10-04-2015: Recent research into the olive oil market: India industry analysis and opportunity assessment 2014 to 2020
10-04-2015: La UE suspende las solicitudes de importación de aceite tunecino para el mes de abril (sorry only in spanish)
10-04-2015: Tales of Two Olive Oil Producers
10-04-2015: EE.UU, Canadá y China reducen sus compras de aceite de oliva un 4% (sorry only in spanish)
08-04-2015: How EVOO Helps Prevent Colon Cancer
07-04-2015: Italy: Boom dell’import di olio di oliva spagnolo, scivola l’export italiano (sorry only in italian)
06-04-2015: McDonald’s Uses Olive Oil in New Sandwich
04-04-2015: France bans imports of Puglia vegetables as olive bacteria starts mini trade war
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