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Olive oil News
18-12-2014: Italy: Coldiretti: scorte di olio di oliva solo per sei mesi (sorry only in italian)
18-12-2014: Spain: Dcoop prepara con Mercaoleo un gran plan de expansión (sorry only in spanish)
18-12-2014: El sector oleícola mueve en el mundo entre 6.500 y 11.000 millones de euros (sorry only in spanish)
18-12-2014: Italy: Olio d’oliva: Assitol e Federolio serve nuovo piano olivicolo (sorry only in italian)
17-12-2014: Italy: Nel 2015 dovremo razionare l'olio d'oliva (sorry only in italian)
17-12-2014: Olive oil dating back 8,000 years found in North
17-12-2014: Presentan un estudio internacional sobre los costes de producción del aceite de oliva virgen (sorry only in spanish)
17-12-2014: Prezzi in salita per l'olio extra vergine d'oliva e timori per l'impatto sui consumatori (sorry only in italian)
17-12-2014: Burguer King apuesta por el aceite de oliva virgen andaluz (sorry only in spanish)
16-12-2014: A Plan to ‘Relaunch’ Umbrian EVOO
16-12-2014: El COI convoca dos nuevas ediciones de los Premios Mario Solinas (sorry only in spanish)
16-12-2014: Le Synagri préoccupé par l'absence d'une stratégie d'exportation de l'huile d'olive
16-12-2014: After the Olive Fruit Fly and Bacterial Blight, the Dreaded Starling
15-12-2014: Olive Oil market is poised for strong growth in India in coming years
15-12-2014: Olive oil waste to energy to provide electricity and heat to rural Spain
15-12-2014: Tunisia: Les prix de vente de l'huile d'olive dans les huileries oscillent entre 6 et 6,5 Dt le litre (sorry only in french)
12-12-2014: IOC market newsletter November 2014
11-12-2014: Spain: Asaja defiende el abastecimiento de aceite de oliva "sin excesivas tensiones de precios" (sorry only in spanish)
11-12-2014: Phenols in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Inhibit Colon Cancer Cell Growth
11-12-2014: Turkey Fears Backlash in Local and Foreign Markets with Higher Prices
11-12-2014: L'olio extra vergine d'oliva turco a 3,5 euro al litro minaccia l'export (sorry only in italian)
10-12-2014: Project Uses Waste from Olive Oil Production to Power the Mill Itself
10-12-2014: Olive Farmers in Tunisia Lament Price Drop Despite Climb in Oil Prices
10-12-2014: Caerá la producción mundial de aceite de oliva un 27% en la campaña 14/15 y el consumo un 7% (sorry only in spanish)
10-12-2014: Tunisia: L’UTAP appelle l’ONH à réguler les prix de vente des olives (sorry only in french)
09-12-2014: Tunisia: Abdellatif Ghedira nouveau PDG de l'ONH (sorry only in french)
09-12-2014: Olive Oil Prices Soar, Consumption Slides in Latest Report
09-12-2014: Olive oil price hike hits Turkey, may ‘trigger boycott’
09-12-2014: El COI presenta su programa de actividades para 2015 (sorry only in spanish)
08-12-2014: Tunisia: Sfax: le syndicat des agriculteurs lance un cri d'alarme (sorry only in french)
03-12-2014: 3,200 Gallons of Untraceable Olive Oil Confiscated in Tuscany
03-12-2014: World olive oil output to reach 15-year low, olive council says
03-12-2014: La producción mundial de aceite de oliva llegará a 2,3 MM de tn y el consumo a 2,8 MM de ton (sorry only in spanish)
02-12-2014: Olive Oil of Oman
02-12-2014: Toxic waste from olive oil production turned into electricity
01-12-2014: Pakistan: CDA starts plantation drive of olive trees in capital
01-12-2014: El virgen extra italiano roza los 6 euros/kilo en origen y en España rompe barrera de los 3 (sorry only in spanish)
28-11-2014: Morocco: Filière de l'huile d’olive: L’approche production-marketing s’impose (sorry only in french)
28-11-2014: Spain: informacion de mercado del aceite de olive, el comienzo de la campaña 2014/15 (sorry only in spanish)
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