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Olive oil News
22-05-2015: Italy: Furto olio Spagna falso pugliese,arresti (sorry only in italian)
19-05-2015: Slow Food Movement Establishes Committee to Preserve Production of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
18-05-2015: Italy: XYLELLA FASTIDIOSA: monitorare gli ulivi su tutto il territorio (sorry only in italian)
15-05-2015: 4th ‘Extrascape’ to Focus on Innovation
13-05-2015: Russian Olive Oil Imports Slip
13-05-2015: El COI quiere poner orden en los Concursos de Aceites de Oliva (sorry only in spanish)
13-05-2015: El COI constata un repunte del 69% dede el año pasado en los precios en origen del virgen extra (sorry only in spanish)
13-05-2015: Italy fears disease will destroy its famous olive trees
11-05-2015: Tunisian Olive Sector Benefits from Japanese Cooperation Project
11-05-2015: Spain: El aceite de oliva lampante rompe la barrera de los 3€/kg (sorry only in spanish)
11-05-2015: Italy: Xylella fastidiosa, adesso basta! (sorry only in italian)
07-05-2015: An Olive Oil from Japan Wins Top Award
07-05-2015: Olio: il made in Italy ha il 41% del mercato UK (sorry only in italian)
07-05-2015: Italy: Xylella, in Liguria spunta un caso sospetto del batterio killer degli ulivi (sorry only in italian)
07-05-2015: Spain: UPA considera que deben mantenerse los precios estables para el aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
07-05-2015: Drought Rages On in California
06-05-2015: Italy: Unaprol presenta 'Flow', la bottiglia per olio tutto italiano (sorry only in italian)
06-05-2015: Confirmed: Tree is as Old as it Looks
06-05-2015: Tunisia: Fonds étatiques et réformes législatives pour l’huile d’olive tunisienne conditionnée : De là commenceront les exportations (sorry only in french)
06-05-2015: Spain: COAG denuncia la "ruina estructural" sector olivarero a pesar de representar el 25% de la exportación andaluza (sorry only in spanish)
05-05-2015: Algeria: 1ère édition de la foire de l’huile d’olive de Tizi-Ouzou du 12 au 15 mai (sorry only in french)
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