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Olive oil News
26-08-2014: Blight Continues to Threaten Olive Crops in Italy
26-08-2014: Se prohibirá la venta de aceite de oliva a granel en el Reino Unido (sorry only in spanish)
25-08-2014: UK Prohibits Sale of Olive Oil ‘On-Tap’
25-08-2014: How Packaging Influences Olive Oil Quality
25-08-2014: Bacteria destroying Puglia's precious olive groves could ruin Italy's oil industry
25-08-2014: Spain: La mala cosecha de la aceituna anticipa una fuerte subida del precio del aceite en 2015 (sorry only in spanish)
22-08-2014: Espagne: les prix de l'huile d'olive en hausse (sorry only in french)
22-08-2014: La sequía en España amenaza con encarecer el aceite de oliva (sorry only in spanish)
18-08-2014: Drought Threatens Consumer Olive Oil Prices in the U.S. and Abroad
18-08-2014: IOC Seeks New Method to Measure EVOO Phenolics
18-08-2014: Thousands fill downtown for Olive Festival
18-08-2014: Thousands of olive trees in Italy infected by bacteria; olive oil prices could soar
18-08-2014: Spain's Severe Drought Threatens Olive Harvest
18-08-2014: Los mercados están preocupados porque España pierde aceite (sorry only in spanish)
14-08-2014: Declining Olive Oil Prices Pose Challenges for Indian Rice Bran
14-08-2014: Spain: Walnutolive: innovación oleícola saludable (sorry only in spanish)
13-08-2014: Spain Replaces Italy as Top Olive Oil Exporter to the U.S. and Japan
12-08-2014: Spain: Por qué Fidelity sigue comprando acciones de Deoleo? (sorry only in spanish)
12-08-2014: Olive Oil Skirts Russia’s Controversial Ban on Food Imports
12-08-2014: Researchers Recover Forgotten Olive Varieties in Spain
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